Every movement counts

In the article on healthy sitting and the right setting of the workplace, we talked about ways on improving the way we sit at the computer. At the end of the day, our goal is still to try and sit as little as possible and increase our general movement throughout the day.

The tip, „do sports regularly at least five times a week“, is quite common however for many of us it is not as feasible. Whether it is lack of time, or simply because you do not enjoy sports, the good news is that to stay healthy, not everyone has to be a passionate and enthusiastic athlete. What is more important for our general well-being is more regular and natural movement like walking and running, to help offset our habitual unideal postures, such as sitting for prolonged periods of time.

So, how do we become more active during a typical day without having to fundamentally change our routines, hobbies, or ways of spending our free time?

Think about small changes you could make that take up almost no extra time during the day. These may seem small at first however they eventually have a huge impact on your movement repertoire, and consequently, how you will feel.

For example, you may start taking your business calls while standing instead of sitting or walk to the next tram station that takes you to work instead of the nearest one or choose to always take the stairs or park further from work or the store on purpose to walk for longer. All these small changes help enrich your day with a lot of extra movement! It is important to remember though, that consistency is also key. One standing call may not change much, but if you do find such opportunities and stick to them regularly, you will ultimately reduce the overall time you spend sitting per day, for example by an hour or more! And that is what makes these changes a powerful tool!

Personally, ways of being more active is one of my favorite topics of discussion with my clients. It is a very individual and personal approach that holds a lot of space for creativity. We are all different thus our daily habits and routines are different. Even more, it never ceases to amaze me how such small changes in our routines can substantially improve our well-being, physically and even mentally.

So, where are your opportunities to being more active during your daily routine?