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Physiotherapy for adults

We treat more than just pain. Adults with all levels of abilities may benefit from physiotherapy assessments and treatment. Our therapists will help you to move without pain after injuries or surgeries, when having both acute and chronic problems.

Reasons to visit a physiotherapist 💡
  • musculoskeletal and orthopedic issues
  • neurological disorders
  • post surgical or injury care
  • joint pain and movement restrictions
  • injury prevention 
  • general posture education
  • enhancing sport or activity performance
  • work and sedentary related pains and strains
How do we help adults?
  • identification of your key problems 
  • setting a treatment plan based on your individual goals and needs
  • application of specific hands-on techniques, complemented by exercise-based therapy that’s tailored for you
  • educating you about your issues, their causes, and how to prevent re-occurrence providing you with long-term solutions

Pediatric physiotherapy

We provide therapies for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and older children.
We can help you with flat feet, postural issues or with post surgical and injury care.

In babies we offer assessment of their psychomotor development and consultations on proper handling to set the best possible conditions for their natural and healthy growth.

More about pediatric physiotherapy 💡

Physiotherapy is available for newborns from one week of age, toddlers, preschoolers and children up until 18 years old.

For children diagnosed with a specific disorder, regular physiotherapy is very important. It is a way to compensate for problems in the long term and thus avoid complications in the future.

Children who are regularly involved in a sport or activity may also benefit from movement screening, education, and injury prevention.

We help kids with
  • premature birth complications
  • developmental delays
  • neurological disorders
  • joint hypermobility 
  • scoliosis and other postural deformities
  • care after an injury, trauma, or surgery
  • flat feet
  • gait and associated movement disorders
Developmental assessment of babies

You may suspect a delay or problem in your child’s behavior when you compare them to others in the same age group. 

The goal of this assessment is to evaluate whether or not a treatment plan is needed and to provide some practical advice, based on the age of the baby and their current developmental stage. Treatment includes education of the caregivers on handling and positioning techniques, and exercise protocols when necessary.

What therapeutic methods do we use?

Our therapists use various treatment methods including Vojta Reflex Locomotion therapy, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization method (Prof. Kolar), Bobath concept and others.

Pregnancy physiotherapy

We support women from 12 weeks of pregnancy to full term. We will help you with hip, coccyx or pubic pain.

We will recommend suitable sports activities and exercises to compensate for the changes that occur naturally during pregnancy and which can be the source of musculoskeletal pain.

What else you might need to know about physiotherapy during pregnancy...

Up to 50% of women experience various muscle and joint pains during pregnancy. That is why we provide care to mothers from 12 weeks of pregnancy to full term. We will recommend suitable sports activities and exercises to compensate for the changes that occur naturally during pregnancy and which can be the source of musculoskeletal pain.

In time we also address the prevention of diastasis recti or incontinence and we offer preparation for childbirth.

We help pregnant women with
  • pelvic girdle pain and posterior pelvic pain
  • lower back pain, coccyx or tailbone pain
  • rib and chest pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • scar care after a previous cesarean delivery or incision

Postnatal physiotherapy

We believe that every woman deserves specific care after pregnancy and childbirth.

In MINT Therapy we do recommend physiotherapy after childbirth to all women, and especially to those who gave birth with a birth injury, episiotomy or via cesarean section. We will guide you through your recovery and help you with a safe return to sport.

More about postnatal physiotherapy 💡

In MINT Therapy we believe that no matter your individual birth story, you deserve specific care and attention.

We deal with a safe return to exercise as well as provide pelvic floor muscles check up and tailored therapy if one is needed.

After birth we can help you with
  • incontinence
  • pelvic organ prolapse
  • pelvic pain
  • painful scar after cesarean section, episiotomy or birth injury
  • painful sexual intercourse
  • back pain and other musculoskeletal pain
  • diastasis recti

Pelvic health therapy

We will help you with problems associated with pelvic floor muscles dysfunction – e.g. urinary incontinence, coccyx pain, overactive bladder or problems with musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy.

Specific targeted therapy of the pelvic floor muscles (and other relevant areas) and individually prescribed exercises will help you effectively manage your symptoms.

More about pelvic health therapy 💡

Pelvic floor muscles dysfunction occurs as a result of surgeries (e. g. hysterectomy or cesarean section), difficult births, pregnancy, as well as unilateral sports or work load and hormonal changes.

Issues associated with pelvic floor muscles disorder
  • low back pain, headaches, coccyx pain
  • incontinence
  • over-active bladder
  • constipation
  • pain during sexual intercourse
  • irregular or painful menstruation
  • difficulty conceiving

Sports physiotherapy

Improve your performance, prevent injuries and master the specifics of the given sport in a more effective and safer way.

Sports physiotherapy is suitable for active people of all ages and abilities, including children.

Read more about sports physiotherapy 💡

Sport physiotherapy is for active people of all ages and abilities. We will help you devote yourself fully, long-termly and safely to your sport.

We will educate you on: how to target your individual weaknesses and strengths, how to adapt your exercise regime to maximize its benefits and on the importance of recovery versus activity.

How sports physiotherapy can help you
  • enhance your overall performance 
  • manage or treat an injury from sport
  • prevent injury 
  • learn more exercise protocols that are ideal to your sport/activity and help you sustain your improvements

Respiratory physiotherapy

Thanks to respiratory physiotherapy you can thoroughly work on breathing difficulties, diminish your asthma symptoms or get significant relief after surgeries in the abdominal or chest area.

It is also widely used in sports training as it helps enhance performance and recovery.

Read more about respiratory physiotherapy 💡

Respiratory therapy is part of rehabilitation focusing on breathing difficulties. It has diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive significance.

It is used in children and adult patients with diseases of the respiratory system in both acute and chronic forms (for example COPD, bronchial asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, conditions after pneumonia, etc.).

When to seek out respiratory physiotherapy?
  • chronic diseases – COPD, asthma bronchiale, pulmonary fibrosis
  • acute difficulties associated with breathing difficulties – pneumonia, infections of the respiratory system
  • sports training
  • decrease in performance and load tolerance (even in the elderly)
  • shortness of breath (dyspnea)
  • conditions after chest surgery
  • neurological diseases – stroke, MS, Parkinson’s disease

Ultrasound examination

At MINT Terapie we use ultrasound for the most accurate assessment and objective monitoring of progress in physiotherapy.

We use it especially for examining diastasis recti and evaluating the condition of the pelvic floor muscles.

Read more about ultrasound examination 💡

In MINT Terapie we use a wireless ultrasound probe to examine diastasis recti and pelvic floor muscles. Sonographic imaging allows us to objectively assess the condition of the soft tissues, measure the size of the abdominal muscle separation, and then accurately monitor the progress and results of the therapy.

Advantages of ultrasound examination

When examining the pelvic floor muscles, the live image offers to patients also excellent feedback and guidance in the activation and relaxation of pelvic muscles, awareness of which can otherwise be problematic.

Should I be afraid of the examination?

The examination is painless and safe, there is no need to prepare for it in any special way and it can be repeated as needed.

What probe do we use for the examination?

In MINT Terapie we use a 2in1 probe – linear 7.5 MHz – 10 MHz 192 elements and convex – 3.5 MHz – 5 MHz, 192 elements.
B, B/M, Color Doppler, PW or Power doppler modes can be used.  

Workshops and seminars

We take care of your health not only in our clinic, but also directly in firms and institutions at professional seminars and workshops.

These are the most frequently asked questions


What does the first consultation or visit look like? What should I bring and wear?

A first time visit always consists of a thorough examination by the therapist. Treatment follows the examination after key links to your problems have been identified and specific individual goals are set.

Please note that for examination purposes we usually ask our clients to remove their clothes to their underwear. Alternatively you can change to comfortable clothes such as shorts, leggings and a sports bra. You may read more about your first time visit in our blog. 

*If you do have medical documentation related to your current health problems then please take it with you.

Do you accept Czech insurance?

No, we do not accept referrals for rehabilitation that are reimbursed or paid by Czech insurance companies.

We however accept employee benefit cards Benefity, BenefitPlus, Edenred and Sodexo.

How may I reserve my sessions?

The easiest way is to visit our website and use the online booking system.

You can contact your therapist directly by email or phone, or alternatively contact us at recepce@mint-terapie.cz or at +420 602 642 411.

How can I cancel my scheduled appointment?

If the booked date does not suit you, you can cancel it yourself using the CANCEL RESERVATION button in the booking confirmation email. You can also contact your therapist directly by email or telephone.

Alternatively, use the general contact recepce@mint-terapie.cz and telephone number +420 602 642 411.
Reservations can be canceled no later than 24 hours before the deadline.

Cancellation of therapy on the same day is subject to a cancellation fee of CZK 500. In case of no-show on the agreed date without apology, the fee is charged in the full amount of the reservation.


Is there car parking available at MINT?

Our clinic does not have its own parking space. There is quite a good chance of finding a parking space on Divadelní street or in the National Theater’s underground car park on Ostrovní 1. For more information about paid parking zones in the area of Prague 1, please visit www.parkujvklidu.cz.

Method of payment

Do you accept card payments?

Yes, we do. You can pay by card or in cash on the spot, and we also accept employee benefit cards Benefity, BenefitPlus, Edenred and Sodexo.

Do you accept payments through foundations, endowment funds or other organizations?

Yes, we do. We process each case individually, so please contact us at recepce@mint-terapie.cz or at +420 602 642 411 for more information.

Do you accept payments through invoice(s) issued by my employer (e.g. contribution to employee’s healthcare as a benefit provided by the company)?

Yes, we do. We process each case individually, so please contact us at recepce@mint-terapie.cz or at +420 602 642 411 for more information.

Who will take care of you at MINT Terapie?

Bc. Mgr. Pavla Ptáčková

Physiotherapist and CEO
(currently not accepting clients)

Mgr. Marta Sola Morena


Mgr. Dominika Mühlová

Pediatric physiotherapist

Petra Koulová

Pediatric physiotherapist

Mgr. Olga Mikynová


Mgr. Kateřina Prokopová


Mgr. Michaela Šimková


Mgr. Karel Kupec


Bsc. Tereza Lavingerová

Physiotherapist (maternity leave)

Bc. Johana Zajícová


Mgr. Aneta Strejciusová MINT Terapie

Mgr. Aneta Strejciusová


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