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Mgr. Aneta Strejciusová


Languages spoken: CZE, ENG.

Except for physiotherapy for adults, I have a particular interest in addressing the specific needs of pregnant women and athletes. I place significant value on proactively preventing musculoskeletal issues and educating individuals on proper body maintenance to minimize potential health concerns. Moreover, I derive satisfaction from addressing functional disorders and postoperative conditions.

In my therapeutic approach, I prioritize integrating manual techniques with movement therapy, drawing from disciplines such as developmental kinesiology, yoga, and sports training. I emphasize the importance of patients comprehending the underlying causes of their health conditions and fostering productive collaboration.


  • Physiotherapy in pregnancy
  • PhysioFitness – active therapy
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Preventive physiotherapy


  • 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
    Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy | 2018–2021


  • Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University
    Follow-up Master’s degree in Applied Physiotherapy | 2021–2024


Completed courses: 

  • Mgr. Jana Jedličková, PhDr. Jitka Malá, Rehamil
    Rib Mobilization by L. Mojžíšová’s Method | 2023

    Pelvic Floor Muscles
    Treatment by L. Mojžíšová’s Method | 2023


  • PhDr. Petr Bitnar
    Viscerovertebral Relationships and Their Use in Clinical Practice | 2023


    Comprehensive Therapy of Trigger Points and Global Reciprocal Muscle Therapy | 2022

    Deep Stabilization System of the Spine | 2022


  • PhDr. Jitka Malá, Rehamil
    Dynamics of Myofascial Chains in Diagnosis and Therapy – Part A, B | 2023


  • Mgr. Stanislav Machač, Ph.D
    Introduction to Sonography of the Musculoskeletal System | 2024
  • MONADA – Mgr. Veronika Čiháková
    Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women | 2022


  • Groofy, Mgr. Olga Gruberová, Mgr. Jana Kracíková
    Diastasis Recti (Abdominal muscles separation) | 2022


  • Bc. Alena Zapletalová
    Visceral Manipulation – Chest | 2022


  • Rock Tape
    FMT Basic Taping Course | 2021


  • Akademie Ronnie
    Fitness Instructor | 2019


  • Konference Women’s Health Physiotherapy
    Participant | 9. 12. 2023

    Work experience

    • Experience NZZ Biotion Physiofitness Center | 2021–present
      Physiotherapist and Physiofitness Classes


    • NZZ Physiotherapy Letná – Stanislav Machač | 2023–present
      Physiotherapist and Physiofitness Classes

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